5th Avenue Pizza in Pasig

I was in my adventurous self again. I went out walking along C. Raymundo in Pasig City to look for a new place to eat. It was just near from where i live though. Then i found an unknown pizza outlet named, 5th Avenue.

I only brought about 130 pesos in my pocket. I thought that amount was enough in this unknown pizza outlet. But when i looked at the prices. Oh, no. Anyway, i chose the food that was below 100 pesos. It was Crispy BBQ Fish Fillet, its a piadinas. Piadinas is an Italian origin flatbread. The appearance is like the Mexican taco. I brought the food home.

When I took my first bite, it was WOW. I really like the taste! The 95 peso price was worth it.

5th Avenue is Filipino owned. It is a New York inspired pizza company, just like the more popular Yellow Cab pizza.

5th Avenue information:
C Raymundo Avenue, Pasig City
Tel numbers: 974-1111, 666-6316

Fort Bonifacio
Tel numbers: 974-4444, 856-6699

Map of Pasig City here.

7 thoughts on “5th Avenue Pizza in Pasig

  1. Wow, how affordable 🙂 I mean well worth the money paid.. And it looks quite yummy too! I have to try this when I go back home.

    – Marie

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