Batanguenio Accent in Metro Manila

While i was half awake in my room I heard two kids talking tagalog in Batanguenio accent. I thought they were too cute to listen. That was the second time i heard a Batanguenio accent. The first one was in Laguna, inside a rest room of a restaurant, two adult Batanguenio talking to each other while peeing. When i heard it, i thought wow, i finally heard it live! Hehe, i only heard Batangueno accent on TV.

There are a lot of Batanguenios in Manila, but they’re too hesitant to reveal their accent for fear of being made fun of.

2 thoughts on “Batanguenio Accent in Metro Manila

  1. that’s funny. I’m a Proud Batangenyo, love my accent. But can’t really use it here in cali. esp in class,Tagalog here in general even sounds whitewashed, it saddens me.

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