Clavel St. San Nicolas Binondo, Manila

I went with my father to San Nicolas Binondo in Clavel St. to buy some ingredients for his dishwashing soap business.

We just rode a jeepney going back to Quiapo, and take an FX going to my place from there. I was thinking of shooting while inside the jeepney, but fortunately i did not gave in to the urging because the lady beside me had her earrings snatched by some lowlife. Her ears was bleeding a bit.

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8 thoughts on “Clavel St. San Nicolas Binondo, Manila

  1. I just went there to take a picture of the said CLAVEL ST. as it’s obvious they named it with our family name CLAVEL so I’m so curious where the exact location so checked and visited the actual vicinity…Hope you could help me the origin and history why they named the St. to CLAVEL.. I’m currently preparing an update for our FB Group ” CLAVEL CLAN GLOBAL” ..Thanks and happy New Year.

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