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We accept “Metro Manila” related articles from writers and bloggers. If you have already have your own website or blog you can also submit your articles here and we will retain the link of your site in the post as a credit to you.

Email me: gwapito == at ==

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  1. Hello, I’m doing a blog for Pasig and will be sending you related articles as soon as I have them. I was interested in your background of being a Cebuano-speaking resident of Metro Manila. With the rapid growth of the city, I can’t help but notice these people as I am one of them. Include my site in your link, I’ll make sure you are part of my blogroll.


  2. Nice blog! I like it, anyway, taga Mindanao din ako, I would like to know if you would be interested to exchange link with your blog, :-). Keep it up! Thank you.

  3. Hi, Im Chesca, a researcher from a TV network. I am currently working on a documentary that focuses on Sta. Cruz and within it. I would like to ask your permission if we can use the videos and photos in your website about the said topic. Here is my email address: I am looking forward to your favorable response.

    Thank you! 🙂

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