Davao Tuna Grill at Shangri-la Plaza

My brother who works as a seaman abroad treated me to dinner. He is earning more than ten times than what I am earning. He was with his wife.

We met at Shangri-la Plaza in Ortigas Pasig City. Shangri-la Plaza is one of the best places to hang around in Metro Manila. You can shop if you have the thousands of pesos, eating out there can be afforded by an average Filipino, watch movies though the prices are a bit higher than the usual cinemas around Metro Manila.

We went down to Shang’s food court section, there were many to choose from. My brother let me chose, then I saw Davao Tuna Grill at the farther part of the food court. Fish and seafoods are my favorite; they’re at least slightly healthier than those oily poultry meats.

I chose Tuna Sizzling Sisig. It costs 65 pesos without the drinks. I forgot the price of the drink. Let me just round off it to 100 pesos with the drink. The taste was respectable, surely better in taste and price compared to Kenny Rogers Roasters.

I will definitely go back to eat at Davao Tuna Grill.

Davao Tuna Grill Branches contact numbers and addresses:
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Phone Number: (63 2) 633-3801

Telephone: (63 2) 426-7707, (63 2) 426-9635, (63 2) 721-3614

Madison Square – Wilson
Unit 3, Ground Level Madison Square Bldg., 229 Wilson St., Greenhills
Telephone: (63 2) 724-7959

SM Mall of Asia
Main Mall, Food Court

Davao Tuna Grill

Sizzling Tuna

Sizzling Tuna

7 thoughts on “Davao Tuna Grill at Shangri-la Plaza

  1. Indeed.Being a Dabawenyo, we have been enjoying tuna at a very low price whole year around. But since I am now in Makati, its kinda hard to find cheap quality tuna. Try Guadalupe Market in Makati. Bluefin Tuna sells at 200 per kilo while yellow fin (tanigue) sells for 250 per kilo. Good for SUTOKIL.

  2. Tuna is indeed cheap down south since the catch is just nearby, Cotabato area i think.

    Thanks for the info, will try to go at Guadalupe.

  3. I believe Citra mina of davao a local fish store is available now in san juan.. Tuna belly, Salmon Belly, Tuna jaw, and tuna tail is available in that store..

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