Dencio’s Crappy Service

I personally experienced it. Twice at that!

First, it was in their Manila Bay area branch. We had to wait for almost an hour for a food to be served. That was last year (2006).

Again, this October. I was with my football buddies, since we were in Rockwell, we had to look for a not so expensive restaurant to dine in. We’ve had enough of McDos and Jollibees. Dencio’s was the choice.

The almost an hour wait for the food, again! Not only that, the chicken we ordered still had blood in it. We requested it to be grilled again, but it only got worse, and still with blood in it.Dencio's

10 thoughts on “Dencio’s Crappy Service

  1. i’ve had my share of a bad dencio’s experience way back in my davao days in the philippines. thanks for the warning. it reminds me NOT to go there on my next manila visit! 🙂

  2. Yup, I had a bad experience at Dencio’s too. I think it was in Eastwood. It took an hour before the waiter arrived with our food. And to think it was close to closing time already and there aren’t that much people around.

  3. even i read a lot of bad comment i still go and dine in at all dencios branches, still, if their service is horrible it is due to the circumstances that all their cook need to prepare everything, they are not a fast food, they need enough time to serve the food, and if you eaten a food that has a blood or what ever, yes maybe, its a fault of a server that they didnt ask the customer if the food they want is half cook or what. just to say, i still love the food, especially now, they have lots of new food choices

  4. yes i agreed to marxtian nobody is perfect….and you may expierience it too if you have your own restaurant…..

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