Do You Like Dakasi Milk Teas?

I seldom drink milk teas, perhaps once a year, or maybe even none in a year sometimes. So it’s hard for me to make a judgement on this Dakasi milk tea.

It was my first here, and I was the only customer. It was a Sunday. The location could be a factor, or may the taste or service, I really don’t know.
bakasi milk tea

These are the prices of Dakasi milk teas.
bakasi milk tea

This is the Dakasi Bubble milk tea, and I ordered this one. Those black thing on top are just an exaggeration.
bakasi milk tea

It’s 100 pesos for one large size milk tea.
bakasi milk tea

Masarap naman. I like the taste, it’s creamy. The taste would stay in tongue for many seconds.
bakasi milk tea

This Dakasi outlet is located inside the Shell gas station in EDSA, corner McKinley street, just across Ayala Avenue crossing, near Ayala MRT terminal.

Here are the location map for other Dakasi milk tea outlets:

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