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About ManilaBlog
ManilaBlog chronicles anything good as well a little of the opposite that
I, the author could see, hear and experience around Metro Manila. The scope will not be limited to Manila; the capital city that comprises the term “Metro Manila” otherwise this blog would bore you to death. It will talk about all the comings and goings around the adjacent cities and municipalities such as Pasay, Makati, Pasig, Quezon, Caloocan, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Navotas, etc.

About the ManilaBlog Author
ManilaBlog is powerfully administered by Jeffrey, the man behind Jeffrey is a Cebuano, born not in Cebu, but in Iligan City in Mindanao. Then went to Cebu City for college and have worked there for a total of approximately 16 years. I am proud Bisaya and of my distinct accent in which Manilans are jealous of.

I have always liked living in the city ever since I was an adorable little boy. The sight of the buildings, the pretty women, the sound of cars and jeepneys. The noise of the tinderas, the shouts of kundoktors and dispatchers.

It saddened me every time our parents took us to the countryside in Kapatagan, Lanao Del Norte. But a therapy for me when going back to the city, in Iligan.

My first Manila experience was in June of 1997 and stayed for about a month to review and take the architects’ board. Then came back on December of 1999 and hung about two months to study and take architects’ board exam for the second time. Then back again in February of 2006, to concentrate on studying and taking the board exam for the third time! Thankfully I made it, got my licensed in August of the same year.

This is my longest stay in Manila, 15 months at the time of this writing. I practically love this city. But will never forget my love for Iligan and Cebu!

5 thoughts on “First ManilaBlog Post

  1. Hey Jeffrey! Congrats on this cool blog of yours! I like it! And I share you sentiments — I’m a native of Davao, but spent many years in Manila. Unlike many provincianos who claim that Manila is awful and crowded and noisy and all that, I secretly miss the place. Yeah it’s so much better living in Davao, but Manila simply has a charm that no other Philippine city has!

    More power to your blog!

  2. @Blogie
    Yeah, thanks for the encouragement. More power to the bisdaks!

    Yeah, many provincianos dwell more on the negatives of this city, but forgot that the positives outnumbered the former.

  3. hey jeff, ive fin’lly setup my own blog also… hahaha… thanks to you for challenging me to create one. ive launched also my fully functional website (no longer beta), you can see the link to my blog there. just an fyi, i put manilablog & y’er infamous hehehe gwapito links to my blogroll as affiliates. id appreciate also if we can exchange links…hehehe… anyway, please be my guest, visit my website and blog at —- cheers!

  4. hmm, i am loving this travel-blog now better than gwapito, hehe.

    may i suggest other places for you to visit and take crisp photos of?

    i figured you might find interest in these places and oh, they might make good photographs, too:

    ~ paco park
    ~ intramuros (i love the brick road there. the lampposts are hispanic but heck, upon closer look, there’s a brass plate that screams “PAGCOR”
    ~ manila zoo (activists want it closed down, saying the animals are depressed. sobrang nakakaawa talaga.)
    ~ salcedo park in makati during the weekend market (exhibitors of food and native products from all over the philippines are there from morning until a l’il over lunch)

    ~ ust
    ~ up diliman
    ~ dlsu-csb

    ~ greenbelt 3 mall
    ~ sm mall of asia (the side near the bay)

    food places/bar
    ~ saguijo bar
    ~ filling station (old-school diner on makati ave, between a row of girly joints. reminds of pop tates in archie)
    ~ ziggurat mediterranean resto (also on makati ave)
    ~ penguin cafe (malate. the whole bohemian malate area is very interesting especially if you’re not homophobic, hehe)

    ~ avellana art gallery , pasay
    ~ 1/of, serendra
    ~ mag:net
    ~ museum of metropolitan art
    ~ national museum
    ~ theo gallery, 2/f of saguijo

    well, these are the stuff i could think of right now. =) looking forward to your entries, and more football games (and the photo-ops) with you jeffrey.

    ~ andrea =D

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