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Be part of the working from home revolution. Attend the Remote Ready Orientation seminars and find out how you could have a real professional career from home.

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Over the last 4 years you might have applied to one of our many Remote Staff home based job posts, regardless if you have been interviewed by us or not, we would like to invite you if you’re based in Manila to attend the new “Remote Ready Orientation Seminars”. BOOK HERE FOR FREE.

By attending the new Remote Ready Orientation Seminars you could discover what a home-based career with Remote Staff could mean for you. Learn how a home-based job could become a professional career and meet the Remote Staff management and support team. Also by you attending these seminars you will see what current opportunities are immediately available for you to be hired, as well as get all your questions answered about working from home with Remote Staff. This is a life-changing opportunity for those seriously considering making this type of decision.

Who should attend?
The people that do well with home based careers are those who are not afraid to use their skills and do not need to be spoon-fed in doing every task given. Anyone who is confident as a graphic designer, writer, perhaps a web developer and many other roles that could be done over the phone and internet should attend.

Who should not attend?
We want people who want to take the job and do the most they can with it, not those who are only looking to try us out. Also, those with poor English comprehension skills need not attend.

Refresher about Remote Staff
We have been offering home-based jobs for almost 4 years, we now have over 450 Filipinos currently working with our AUS and USA clients, we are growing from strength to strength and we want you to be part of our team by first attending the Remote Ready Orientation Seminars.

For those living outside Manila
If you have apply online before, do give us a call to review your application and to get your resume with us updated so to increase your chance in getting hired sooner.

Give us a call: 02 846 4249

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Seminar detail: Happening daily Monday to Friday at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm.

The Office Adress: 27th floor, the top floor of the Trafalgar Plaza building at 105 H.V De La Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.

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