From Manila to Bulacan

Yesterday, April 9, I wanted to do something different, and also i’ve always desire to go further beyond Metro Manila. I’ve been to Batangas once, but it was just in the beach somewhere, so I did not really see the full view of Batangas, so to speak.

First, i went to Le Mesa Eco Park. I just took photos there, will post them hopefully this month. After more than hour in Le Mesa. I took a bus going to Bulacan. I took the Sapang Palay route.

I stopped over at Tungko. Here are the photos i took.

Actually this is about 2 kilometers off Tungko, i just rode a jeepney to Tungko.

Same as above.

These kids were teasing while i was shooting the above scenery, but got shy when pointed my Nikon D40 at them.

The Tungko Bulacan proper.

Some alley at Tungko.

Tungko proper.

Tungko proper.

Susana Mart. I ate my supper here.

Susana Mart, Bulacan.

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