From Pasig City to Makati City

There are a lot of options in getting to my destinations around Metro Manila. One way that i discovered that’s  quicker is from C-5 Pasig City to Ayala Avenue in Makati City.

Just go to the C-5 highway in the inner Pasig City. Wait for an Toyota FX with a sign plate “Ayala.”  The ride would take you 15 to  30 minutes.

Since i live near the Pasig City Hall, i wait for those FXs in the Bagong Ilog area. The fare is 25.00 pesos (2008 rate).

I used to ride a jeep going to EDSA (10 pesos), then ride a bus heading to Makati (12-15 pesos). In total it would take me 40 minutes to more than hour.

3 thoughts on “From Pasig City to Makati City

  1. pano naman kung makati papunta pasig palengke.maliban sa shaw blvrd na babaan san pa pwd at madali makasakay papunta pasig palengke

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