Fun Football Tourney at Muntinlupa City Alabang

I again played in a 7 a side football tourney in Muntinlupa City, Alabang, Metro Manila last March 9, 2008. We placed fourth. A bit disappointed, but it was a whole lot of fun. The tournament was a mixed of two types of players: experts and newbies, but more on the latter. There were even girls in some teams.

Before our last game for third place. We lost 0-2.
(photos by Jessie)

4 thoughts on “Fun Football Tourney at Muntinlupa City Alabang

  1. Mga pre! newbie ako sa football and want to find a place to play… Hirap kasi humanap ng field.. Taga Taguig ako e,,, need a place to play,,, hehe

  2. Harvey,

    I think there’s a group in Marikina that plays regularly every Saturday.

    Visit and ask around there.

    Sa club namin, we temporarily suspend in accepting new members since marami na kami, but sa girls we’re still open.

  3. Baka pwede na kayo tumanggap ngayon ng members? I really want to play soccer but didn’t have the chance to play during HS and College since I am playing in the track(long distance runner). In fact I had played in higher Athletic Events during HS and College so I think I have this quality and guts to play soccer.

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