Kenny Rogers in SM Megamall

Kenny Rogers in SM Megamall in Mandaluyong Metro Manila.

Before my futsal scrimmage last August 5, I went to Kenny Rogers to eat my lunch around 12 noon.

I ordered Solo A1 Classic which costs 135 pesos. Solo A1 Classic consists of 1 piece chicken, 1 cup of rice, 1 double corn muffin, gravy and a side dish of your choice. I picked the fruit salad. Additional rice for 12 pesos.

Sadly, a drink is not included in the combo meal, and I had shell out another bucks, 34 pesos for a large ice tea.

I paid a total of 171 pesos in including the additional rice.

I waited for 12 minutes for my meal to arrive, but I wasn’t complaining. The length of time was not a problem. The service of the attendants was quick.

Generally, it was just fair. The taste of the chicken was not something I’d like to comeback for. The gravy and hot sauce augmented the slightly bland taste of the chicken.

Nevertheless, the meal was enough to empower me physically for my futsal game at 1 to 3 pm at Dumlao gym.


Waiting Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers Album

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