La Mesa Eco Park

It was my first to visit La Mesa Eco Park last Holy Week. The place is best place for families, friends and lovers alike. But i went there alone, but still i enjoyed it nonetheless.

They also have boat rental and horseback riding. Much like in Baguio.

By looking at the surroundings, i find it odd that this park is situated right inside Metro Manila. Manila is notorious for its pollution and being a highly urbanized city, all concrete and stones.

How I got there. I rode a bus plying along EDSA, bus going to Fairview. I stopped in Marlboro St.

La Mesa Eco Park contact information:

(02) 410-9670 / (02) 415-2227

See more tons of photos of La Mesa Eco Park!

These hordes of people are about to go home. Time is about 3pm.

You can setup a tent or mat here.

Going up to the La Mesa Dam.

This lady is shooting at the sign on the fence.

Here is that sign. We are crazy. This is La Mesa Dam.

Horseback riding.

3 thoughts on “La Mesa Eco Park

  1. That sign is crazy! What are they afraid of anyway? A tourist taking a picture or video of someone polluting the reservoir.

    Mountaineers have this golden rule “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” I guess its safe to say that the Manila Eco Park deserves the same kind of respect. This is where manila’s drinking water comes from.

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