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I went out to watch the Aliwan Festival in Luneta on April 26, 2009. Since i don’t have my own car yet, i decided to ride a jeepney from Marcelo Del Pilar street going to EDSA. Then the trigger happy thought in me started to kick in. Thus i decided to take photos, walking from the mouth of Marcelo Del Pilar st. to Malate church.

Mabini Malate is the most famous red light district in Metro Manila. There are a lot of affordable hotels and pension houses in Malate. When you visit Manila i recommend you search for good bargains here. The place is relatively safe despite its reputation. Just search Google.

I just passed through to take photos. Believe me. Hahaha..

The Hobbit House, this bar  was featured on tv many years ago. They hire midgets as waiters and waitresses.

The Hobbit House along Marcelo Del Pilar in Malate.

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The street signs.

Quiet Malate street.

LA Cafe. I used to watch 2006 World Cup finals here.

New Boss in Mabini, Malate.

Ermita Garden Restaurant and Videoke Bar.

PAGCOR in Mabini Malate

Homeless family in deep sleep oblivious to the world.

Down and out homeless man at the entrance of Malate Church.

The facade of Malate church.

Shakey’s Mabini Malate branch.

Philtrust Bank Malate branch. There used to be a guy sitting on the curb at the front of the bank, but walked away when he saw me pointing my camera towards his direction.

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