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Makati City got its name from an old tagalog word, “makati” meaning receding tide.

Miguel López de Legazpi asked the local leader the name of the then swampy place, the datu replied in tagalog, “Makati na. Kumakati na,” or “the tide is receding”. The datu thought the Spanish leader was asking the current situation of the river nearby.

Another origin of the name was that a plant called “lupang kalabaw” was abounding at the time, which was “itchy” (makati in tagalog) if contacted on the skin.

Land area: It is the seventh (7th) largest city in the Philippines with 27.36 km².

Barangays. Makati City has 33 barangays, Dasmariñas and Forbes Park are two of them.

Cityhood. By virtue of RA 7854, Pres. Fidel Ramos signed it into law making Makati a City on January 2, 1995. Jejomar Binay was the mayor that year.

Accessibility. Makati City can easily be accessed through EDSA. Get in a bus bound for EDSA or ride a Metro Rail Train.

Malls. Glorietta (Ayala owned), Greenbelt, Powerplant and SM are among its famous malls in Makati City.

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