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  1. hmmmm… seems good. but i like better kabeetmaps from http://www.kabeet.com because it will point you exactly to the exact location of the establishment directly on the link. So you dont need to browse through the map anymore if you will be referring to a particular street or bldg for instance. Here is a sample, this one points to a particular building in ayala http://www.kabeet.com/flash/result01.php?pid=1110710&curPage=1&keyword=the%20columns&file=makati22.swf&category=&location=#KABEETmap

  2. Greetings to users!
    The API is from Google but the data of the buildings are from YellowASP. The new Map has more data and covers not only Makati but Metro Manila. Around 7,000 buildings can be found in the new Map.
    Some users are used to the old Map so YellowAsp will give an opportunity to access it. The link will be placed on top of the new Map.
    Good day!

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