Makro Versus SM Hypermart

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Makro is literally warehouse type of a department store which offer low wholesale prices to its members. In my opinion their membership method is a bane for the expansion of their business. They could have long grown faster if not for this membership.

Their prices is not really low compared to SM Hypermart. I once attempted to apply for membership, i bought a American Home personal ref for 5,299 pesos, but they don’t accept Citibank credit cards so i wen’t to SM Supermart (not Hypermarket) instead and the same ref was priced at 5, 149 pesos. The ref is now with me for four months at the time of this writing. I happened to go shopping at SM Hypermart in Mall of Asia, and i saw the American Home personal ref priced at 4,999 pesos! It’s even cheaper than SM Supermart.

(click the logo for more information about the store)

SM Hypermarket
, i like! Having said above, i will go to SM Hypermarket for my grocery or shopping needs and wants. No membership and no wholesale quantity requirement, but even cheaper.

2 thoughts on “Makro Versus SM Hypermart

  1. I haven’t beem to the Hypermarket, but between Makro and Puregold, Puregold beats prices anytime.

    Only that i don’t trust Puregold’s fresh produce, poulty, and meats. But those stuff can be had in your suking palengke anyway.

    I buy my groceries in the Pasong Tamo branch, the only downside is lines are almost always loooooong.

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