Manila City Hall

Manila City Hall

The Manila City Hall is symbolically synonymous to the city of Metro Manila and its adjacent cities.

Architect Antonio Toledo designed this landmark and its construction was finished in the 1930s. The present structure is a restoration after it was partially destroyed during the World War II.

I took this picture during my audition for Survivor Philippines, which i wont do it again. Hahaha.

7 thoughts on “Manila City Hall

  1. did you know that the original clock of the manila city hall was powered by ibm? rather, was an ibm clock? ibm philippines was founded in the same decade – the 30s.

  2. being a tondo born citizen, i admire manila mayor alfredo lim for his various accomplishment in the city of manila, sabi ng kabila naging deteriorated daw ang manila on lim term, thats really not true, pakibilang nga mga hospital na napatayo ni mayor, sa amin lang ang gat andres bonifacio medical center ay napakaking tulong. pwera pa dyan ang mga city colleges and universities, and public high schools mapaayos. so if love tondo,and manila muling magtiwala kay mayor Lim

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