Manila Quick Background

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, located in Southwest of Luzon, the Philippines’ biggest island.

Manila has an approximate population of 10 million people scattered across cities and municipalities that comprise the term Metro Manila, and these are Mandaluyong City, Pasig City, Quezon City, Caloocan City, Makati City, Marikina, Taguig, Paranaque, Las Pinas, San Juan, Navotas and Muntinlupa.

Its city name originated from the phrase “may nilad” in English it means “there is nilad.” Nilad is a name of a shrub that was found in abundance along the banks of Pasig River. The name had some series of changes, from Maynilad, it became Maynila, but the latter is still widely used by the locals. But popularly and officially it is Manila. I like the word Manila.

Currently, Manila dominates in all areas more than any other city in the Philippines. Virtually, every government affairs, academics, business, sports, television, movies, concerts, and even showbiz gossips are take place in Manila. Ironically, Manila is also the center of two economic extremes. The wealthiest Filipino can be found here, and the poorest of the poor can be seen along the streets.

There are a lot of places that anybody can enjoy here. Places like Metro Walk in Ortigas Center, Glorietta in Makati, In my opinion the most popular is Luneta Park, it was here where Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero died by firing squad during later part of the Spanish colonization.

Since it’s quick background i just end post right here. Visit this blog at least weekly for sights and info about Manila.

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