Manila Tips and Tricks to Watch out for

Beware of a trick by people usually ladies carrying a baby or tagging along a kid asking (with a well acted sad face) for money for their trip going home.

I first encountered this in Cebu. A 30 something lady with a little child and a young girl, they were decently dressed. They asked me if i have money for their fare going home as they don’t have any money. I remember i gave them 20 pesos. My heart sunk i heard their situation.

Here in Metro Manila, i chanced upon similar trick, but did not notice yet. Similar picture, a middle aged lady with a young girl all dressed modestly. Then another, that time a guy with a knapsack or small backpack, asking the same – his fare going home. I gave him seven pesos.

I started to suspect after that. I asked an officemate about it. He told me not to fall for it, it’s a trick.

So readers, be aware.

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