Manila’s Tagalog Accent When Speaking English

This is just a friendly comment, no insulting motive, well, maybe a little, hehe…

People from Manila has a penchant to make fun of those who are from the provinces especially the bisayans when the latter speak english. The call center agents from Manila would contemptibly say “regional” or “provincial accent” to their counterparts from other provincial cities.

How about this call center agent with an obvious tagalog accent:

This one by Renaldo Lapuz, the recent craze who auditioned American Idol :

4 thoughts on “Manila’s Tagalog Accent When Speaking English

  1. hahahaha.. i watched this season of American Idol audition but i didnt know the infamous simon’s brother is a filipino. Oh my… im proud of him though. i want him to be the next william hung, i hope his piece would become world hit as what simon commented also. im rooting for the petite malubay girl, she sings like christina aguilera. i wish she’d make it to the end and maybe gets the tag as the first asian/american idol.

  2. hehe the Manila accent sounds retarded to my American ears. They rush through the syllables and flatten the vowels and sound like there’s something wrong with them. The Visayan accent is much nicer and elegant.

  3. thats because Manilans who have never gone to the province thinks they are superior. However, Manilans never realized that provincial people have more savings(money), greater assets(lands), more frugal(no vice), better manners(not arrogant) and well sociable(not snotty) than Manilans.

    Been there done that. I compared the best of both worlds. Provincial life trumps Manila life hands down. no contest.

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