Marikina City Photos

This is a first of series of my Marikina City photos. I went to this literally clean city to just take photos of just about anything i could find interesting.

I live in Pasig, so very accessible for an unofficial adopted Pasiguenio like me, hehe. I just rode a jeepney. No FXs from Pasig to Marikina that i know of.

When i was probably about 15 minutes of my ride thinking i was already in Marikina. Also I was hungry, so when i saw a fast food outlet. I stopped by. And i went inside Johnny’s:

But Johnny’s is still part of Pasig:

Their specialty is chicken, but the chicken was tasteless. In fairness, the spaghetti was yummy!

After my lunch, took a ride again towards Marikina City:

Taking shots on my way to Marikina City:

Almost there, this is Ligaya area:

Still at Ligaya, but about to enter Marikina City:

Marikina Elementary School:

Marikina Elementary School:

More Marikina City photos to come!

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