My First Airplane Ride in Pictures

My first airplane ride from Metro Manila to Cagayan de Oro city last December 24, 2007. Many of my friends were surprised, amused that at my age (34) i’m such a late bloomer. I was so excited like a little boy and at the same time a bit nervous like an adult.

Below is my first airplane ticket.
Cebu Pacific

I went to the Centennial airport, but only to find out that it was the wrong terminal, the security politely directed me to the old domestic airport. Hey, rookie mistake!

At the domestic airport.

Me at the boarding pass thingie, i don’t know what this part is called.

This woman got tired and bored like me while waiting for our delayed plane.

Finally, going in to my first airplane ride bound for Cagayan de Oro city.

Inside the Cebu Pacific airplane.
Cebu Pacific

About to land at the CDO airport.

7 thoughts on “My First Airplane Ride in Pictures

  1. he he he…ayos yung 1st trip mo to fly. CebPac pa. At least na experience mo na ma-delay. Lagi naman delayed yan eh. At least they got new planes. Anyway, the fourth pics that is the check in counter where you present your ticket for validation and where you get your boarding pass as well as to assign you seats. The next pic is the waiting area upon boarding where you see the lady is sleeping na coz of the delayed flt. For the Airport ang old domestic ay CebPac lang dun at Asian Spirit at yung ibang maliliit na plane. Sa Centennial dun sa first mo napuntahan puro PAL lang dun. Next time try mo naman ang PAL para makita mo ang Centennial Airport mas maganda at malaki compare to old domestic. See you soon Bro. God bless!!!!

  2. Jeff, in my case, I listened to a very bad advise. One of my friends told me that I should not look at the stewardesses when they do safety demo to pretend it was not my firts time. When it was time to disembark, it was a big problem for me to unfasten the seatbelt. Then I had to submit to such an embarassment of asking someone how to do it. wahahahaha

  3. @Randy – that’s the travel consultant speaking! Salamat Randz.

    @PingJ – Nothing wrong with being a curious first timer, you paid thousands of pesos for being one! Plus you cannot get to see the hottie stewardess if you pretend to be veteran passenger, hehe…

    @herb – i used Gimp, a photo and graphics program like Photoshop.

  4. me too, just flew my first “solo” plane ride last december 2007 ( I already flew few times with a companion locally and abroad), but going all by myself was different. I booked at PAL so sa centennial airport naman ako, di hamak na mas maayos kesa sa old domestic airport.

    I like your blogging style, you put lots of pictures! 🙂 keep it up!

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