Thief in Action Caught in the Eye!

While i was inside a jeepney in Alabang last Saturday i caught a pickpocketer doing his thing to an oblivious woman. I wanted to notify the woman, but decided not to or the thief and his cohorts would gang up on me or worse stab me with a deadly weapon. I just looked at the lady and the pickpocketer, then the latter stopped probably pissed or embarrased.

So be careful when you’re in  Metro Manila especially in Alabang.

Be Suspicious While Inside Public Transports in Metro Manila

BusWhen riding a bus, FX or jeepney, please be suspicious. It’s for your own good. Don’t trust any person you are sitting beside with especially men or women with knapsack or little backpacks. I myself has been indirectly suspected as a pickpocket many times by other passengers, i should not get insulted because i do this to other passengers.

Most pickpockets or thief would bring an empty knapsack, they use this to literally cover while reaching for the wallet of a poor passenger.

These thieves would sometimes drop their coins or any object to attract the would be victim’s attention to it, while his business partner is busy getting his hands on the wallet.

Citibank Branches in Metro Manila

Citibank is the bank where i got my credit card. I admire this bank for good customer service and the number of branches which is good especially i pay my bills by cash.

Metro Manila branches (click the links below for detailed information):
San Juan

There are also other locations which are not published on their website, but unfortunately i don’t have the specific address:
Rosario, Pasig City
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Feel Asleep and Almost Got Lost in Alabang

I purposely slept on the bus on my way to Alabang to watch the Alaska Cup last Saturday November 10, 2007. I work night shifts, and i needed sleep.

I was thinking i could wake up in time the bus arrives in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Alabang is one of the good cities to visit in Metro Manila. Where the rich and famous of Manila lives.

When i woke up and looked outside. There were trees beside the road, i thought “Ohh no, or maybe the driver is taking a new route.” I have not seen any trees when going from EDSA to Alabang.

I asked the guy beside me in my wrong grammar tagalog, “Lumagpas na ba ang Alabang?” (Have we got past Alabang?). His answer was “YES.” I wasted no time, I shouted “Para!” (Stop!).

Good thing there were public transports on where i stopped. I thought i went beyond  for about 5 kilometers from Alabang.

Stir Crazy in Ortigas Center

One of the not so popular but good places to hang around in Metro Manila is Stir Crazy.

I like their food. The food servers are nice. The average price of their main dishes with rice is 120 pesos.

They have gigs usually on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you’re interested of trying out Stir Crazy, it’s located at the ground floor of Tycoon building, Ortigas Center. Tycoon building is situated close to University of Asia and the Pacific which is along Pearl Drive.

Stir Crazy

Alaska Cup

There will be a football tournament that will be happening on November 10 to 11, 2007 at the Alabang Country Club inside the Ayala Alabang Village in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. The competition is named Alaska Cup after its main sponsor.

It’s just a one day 7-a-side tournament for men on Saturday and women on Sunday.

Getting to Alabang:
From Manila – take a bus with a sign Alabang/Metropolis along EDSA.

In Taft Avenue buses with Alabang/Metropolis or SM South Mall/Zapote signs. Then when you’re at SM Mall, take a jeepney to Metropolis, then stop at Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang is just at the back.

Heroes Del 96 in Caloocan City

I had the privilege to sleep for a night in an 80 year old house of a friend located in Heroes Del 96 in Caloocan City, Metro Manila.

What so special about my overnight stay was not only because of the house’s age, but also its location. The house is located along Heroes Del 96 Street, where the Katipuneros used to pass through during the war against the Spanish in 1890s.


Worst Unionbank Branch in Metro Manila!

Last monday I went to Unionbank in Shaw boulevard Pasig City branch. The branch used to be International Bank or iBank before it was purchased by Unionbank.

I was there to deposit my hard earned money. I handed the deposit slip at 10:10 am. Though there were a number of customers ahead of me, but i was expecting that i could be out in less than 30 minutes. But i was terribly wrong!

I waited, and waited. One hour had passed, my name was not called.

The lady beside me was 40 minutes earlier than me, even her name was not called. She finished her transaction at approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. I finished mine at exactly 2 hours!

Mien San Noodles House

Another good Chinese food house i highly recommend.

They have good tasting foods, but i only tasted just one, which was the Mushroom Fish Rice. Though the price is a bit higher than the usual Jollibee and McDo. The Mushroom Fish Rice was 138 pesos.

Mien San Noodles House is located in 36 Villa Ortigas, Granada St. Quezon City, Metro Manila. If you are heading to the Greenhills Shopping Center from EDSA it is on the right. Their telephone number is 721-5794

Mien SanMien San
Mien San