Photos of España Boulevard in Manila

These photos of España Boulevard was taken on March 2009. The area is in University of Sto. Tomas. I was a bit apprehensive of going further, but maybe i will add more photos in the Quezon City side of España Blvd.

I miss this place.

These photos are completely free to use for any purposes. I appreciate if you put credits or link to my site, but not required.

España Boulevard

España Boulevard

The guy in shorts looks like Mar Roxas. 🙂

Jeepney bound for Dapitan.

Jeepney bound for Dapitan.

Jeepney bound for Dapitan.

Jeepney bound for Dapitan.

This lady is going to Quiapo.

Shot taken from McDonalds.

Inside Mini Stop.

Active Dormitory.

Padre Noval St.

Padre Noval St.

Shot taken near vehicle entrance of UST.

On the left is UST fence.

Inside Mc Donalds.

Lerma St. and Morayta St.

Morayta St.

Remember this deadly ramp?

This is the pedestrian overpass near the vehicle entrance of UST.

14 thoughts on “Photos of España Boulevard in Manila

  1. Nice shots. Take care of them for they will be nostalgic photos in a few years. Change happens very fast these days.

    I like your blog. It reminds me of why I became a photographer.

  2. ¡Qué pena que todo se vea tan norteamericanizado! Desde luego que el gobierno tiene la culpa de no haber conservado la cultura hispana tan arraigada incluso hoy día en las costumbres, fiestas y tradiciones filipinas! Qué triste.

    1. I would rather prefer the American way than the Spanish. What the Spanish brought was generally oppression. Americans also did oppression to locals too, but the American government were better than the Spaniards in my opinion.

  3. Not all things that the Spaniards brought to the Philippines was bad. Philippines was one of the richest nation in Asia under Spanish rule. We were also the most educated. Spain established the first university in Asia in the Philippines. Great Filipino artist and literature emerged during the Spanish rule. With the present of Spain in the Philippine Islands, a Filipino culture was born; food, architecture, awit, dance, traditions, language, and more gave us a unique identity — I’m not praising Spain. I’m just saying not everything that the Spanish brought was oppression. I’m Filipino, and I preffer the Filipino way.

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