Playing Futsal at Club 650

Futsal Club 650

This is me playing as a goalkeeper for the first time in a tournament. If you don’t know what a goalkeeper is, it’s the one who usually wears a glove, guarding the goalposts. In this image, i’m the one wearing a red jersey or tshirt.

The tournament was held last December 7, 2007 at Club650. In this photo, we lost 0-4 i think, sorry i lost count. I suck at playing goalie, but i’m determined and passionate to improve.

Club 650 is basically a sports club. They offer futsal, basketball, wall climbing, badminton, and martial arts. They have a per hour rates, for example in futsal it’s 1,400 per hour for non-members, and 1,000 pesos per hour for members. It’s per hour, not per individual. That means a group is eligible for the discounted 1,000 per hour even if only one is a Club 650 member. Club 650 is popular among football players in Metro Manila.

Membership is 2,500 per person per year. For more information contact them.

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  1. Am the director of linkword football accademic in africa, i have good player ,full team …they are extra good ….if your club need player am here in philippines in manila in two weeks i will leave to sign contract form in australia.looking forward to here from you.

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