San Juan Is Now Officially a City

San Juan City Metro Manila
Thanks to Wikipedia for the image

San Juan is the newest city in Metro Manila.

I did not know this until a forum member in mentioned San Juan City in one of his/her post. I was curious and rebutted his/her comments, but replied to me it became a city a month after the election.

So I searched the internet to verify, and I found a data in Wikipedia. But I don’t trust Wikipedia so I went to So there, I am now satisfied.

RA 9388, An Act Converting the Municipality of San Juan into a Highly Urbanized City to be known as the City of San Juan. The date was June 16, 2007.

Quick Facts:
-Joseph Ejercito Estrada is the famous mayor of San Juan.
-JV Ejercito is the current mayor (2007).
-The site of the first battle of the Katipunan.

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