Sbarro at SM

I seldom eat in Italian restos, let alone buying their cheapest drink. Their prices makes want to avoid them. It’s not friendly to the common masses.

But it’s different at Sbarro, their prices are just alright and the food are superb.

I was eating alone at Sbarro SM, as usual. I was really hungry, and the curious self in me had to try this type of pizza at Sbarro. I think it was called Stuffed Pizza, but could forgot its specific name.

The dining are were almost filled, mostly families since it was a Sunday.
It costs 117 pesos a slice.

I was attracted by the sesame seeds on top of it. And the taste is even good. Since i am not a voracious eater, i could not eat it all.

You should try eating at Sbarro. Really worth it.

2 thoughts on “Sbarro at SM

  1. I’ve been there 😀

    Napadpad ako sa blog na to kasi e reregister ko sana pero pag check ko meron na palang naka kuha matagal na.. haha 😀 great domain! great blog! 🙂

  2. Hi Jehzeel,

    I got this domain from an American, he is a collector of domains with traffic, when he found out that this domain is not getting a lot of traffic, he gave it away.

    For Filipinos, especially Manilenos, this domain is premium. 🙂

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