Singing Cooks and Waiters

It was my first time to eat here. The food was good. I was entertained by the singing cooks and waiters and waitresses. I did know the prices of the food since a friend of my sister treated us.

I went home overly satisfied. Will surely go back there.

Here is the Singing Cooks and Waiters Address and contact information:
Ongpauco Building
Sta Monica Street Corner Roxas Boulevard
1300 Pasay Metro Manila
Phone: +63(2)8315015

The Singing Cooks and Waiters facade.

The singing Waiters and Waitresses

Our food.

Fried Chicken, so yummy.

The waiter jotting down our order. On the mirror’s reflection is me.

The effeminate waiter confidently poses before my Nikon D40. Hahaha..

Here he is again.

7 thoughts on “Singing Cooks and Waiters

  1. how much are the price rates of the food? i need to get some info about htis because my fiance’s bday is coming up!

  2. This place is disgusting. Not only is it located in a slum neighborhood, but most importantly, my friends and I got SO sick. Only to find out from the locals that this place is known to serve dog meat! I was so mortified. My friends wanted to go there because they heard there was a waitress there they could take home for cheap. I think her name was “KC”. Instead of paying her, she should have been free! Instead they got cheap sex and we all got sick for days. It still disgusts me thinking about it. Do yourself a favor and eat at the mall.

  3. yeah! few years ago we went there with family and friends, and we got home with smile on our faces, and since then, I’ve been trying to find out, if is it possible for me to be
    one of the staff who sing?
    I do sing, and I play guitar, and I love singing i should say, and I am willing to be a part of your team, willing to give my full time in rehearsal…I know you guys are doing long long practice, and i understand that, and if ever you’ll invite me to audition, I would love to, and anytime at your convenience.

    all of you guys are very talented, very entertaining indeed, keep it up!

    More power…

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