Slum Area in Ortigas Burned

This slum or popularly called squatters’ area is located in Barangay San Antonio in Pasig City. I believe it’s still part of Ortigas Center. The street is part of UA & P or University of Asia and the Pacific.

One day last year 2009 while walking to work, I saw this sight. Good thing i’ve had my Nikon D40 at that time.

Ortigas Center Pasig City Manila
There used to be sidewalk eateries in this area, catering to mostly construction employees.

Ortigas Center Pasig City Manila
Honestly, i was secretly delighted when the place got burned. I don’t like squatters.

Ortigas Center Pasig City Manila
But the following week, the settlers slowly rebuilt their homes.

See the map below to know its location: It’s in Escriva Drive.

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