Survivor Philippines Screening, Day 3 at SM Manila

It’s an unfinished business, so i had to continue my quest of being one of blessed 16 Survivor Philippines aspirants.

I made the first level of screening. But failed the second, which was the VTR or television thing. Candidates should look good on tv.

I was not goodlooking enough to be on tv.

Well, life goes on, a bit disappointed since i started lining up at around 11:00 am, then got interviewed at 7:30pm, got past that one, and had to line up again for another more than an hour for the second screening.

They are looking for good looks that look good on tv. My witty and smart answers were of no use since i’m not telegenic.

11:00 am
Survivor Philippines

The rain fell around 2:00pm
Survivor Philippines

It rained more…(had to cover the man’s face for his protection)
Survivor Philippines

7:30pm. At the first level of screening, the interview part.
Survivor Philippines

My batchmates, i was the only one that passed the first screening.
Survivor Philippines

My number for the second screening. I “almost” made it since the guy beside me was the one chosen, hahaha!
Survivor Philippines

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