Survivor Philippines Screening, Day One

I arrived a bit late in SM North Edsa, the venue of the screening for Survivor Philippines. What awaited me was a sea of aspirants or should i say ambitious Filipinos, that including me, and according to my own very very accurate calculation was about 5,000.

But i went home at 6:30 whether i get interviewed or not since i have to go to work at 9:00 pm. Will go back to audition on Friday the 23rd in SM Manila.

11:50am when i arrived. Inside SM carpark, level 5
Survivor Philippines

Between 1:00 to 2:00pm
Survivor Philippines

Around 5pm
Survivor Philippines

Me in a still excited mode.Survivor Philippines

Some aspirants i met. Only Chedorie’s (girl) name i got, others please holler me your name here. My apologies.Survivor Philippines

I forgot or i did not get their names. These people eschewed my exhaustion. Thanks to you. Heheh
Survivor Philippines

Chedorie and Mr. Bubbly guy 🙂Survivor Philippines

6 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Screening, Day One

  1. hey! wat’s up? i’ve seen d pic’s already and by d way thanks for uploading it. by d way im d girl whose in green, i forgot to get ur name that day. lolz! maybe its because of excitement and felt nervous by that time… anyway its a nice experience for me eventhough im not choosen nor given d chance to step forward to d next level… hahaha! well i met frens there and learn such experince… what about u? i mean did u caught their attention or get the taste of what they’d been lookin for? well anyway, i grab some of pic’s here, hehehe! sorry for not asking ur permission, i already have it… so till then, nice meeting you again… and godbless!

  2. Hi Elazza!

    You can take the pics. I purposely did not put any text mark ( so you could grab them.

    I went home last Wednesday, did not continue, but went to SM Manila screening last Friday 23. I passed the first level, but failed in the next which was the VTR camera thing. Will post new pics, and write about it.

    Take care…

  3. I also auditioned for survivor in sm northe edsa on the 1st day of audition. I passed the 2 interviews for the first screening. But i think, as of this time, i did not make it to the 3rd screening because i haven’t receive any callbacks from the survivor staff. I would just like to share with you my personal knowledge about some auditionees who did not go through the hassles of lining up in sm northe edsa and manila. They were the ones who came from talent agencies who were given a special day(sat) to audition. My point is, why do they have to be given a special audition day????? Hindi ba nila feel na pumila ng mahaba and mega tagal and mix with the ordinary people. I thought this is not an artista search???? Everyone regardless of your status should be place on the playing level. Eh kung mga talents na yun don’t to wait in line so long but they want to be part of survivor, how can they withstand all the hard and inconvenient situations they will have to bear pag castaway na sila????????

  4. Hi Inday,

    Yeah, i heard that too about the special screening for models from talent agencies.

    Yung sabi ni Paolo, i believe was just a gimmick to make the show popular.

  5. Jeff,

    I info about the special screening is not hearsay bec. i heard it personally from the talents themselves bec. i was seated beside 2 of them. Hay naku, we are very much excited to find out who the 16 castaways are. Bec, if these castaways are commercial looking ones, and you wont even see one who is ordinary looking, then gma 7 just dupe everybody in their claim that survivor is not an artista search show at all

  6. Well, GMA has the right to get candidates in whatever means, be it special or through the traditional line up.

    But what i only did not like was the words of Paolo: “This is not an artista search.”

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