Text Scam Messages to Avoid While You’re In Metro Manila or Just About Anywhere in the Philippines.

Indications of a text scam:

1. The sender’s number is 11 digits, a number from any Philippine telecom such as Globe, Smart, Touch Mobile, Talk and Text and Sun Mobile.

Globe: 09171234567
Smart: 09181234567

Telecoms when holding a promotion sends out using four digit number or even lesser.

Globe: 2307
2. The text message receiver is proclaimed a winner, though he or she hasn’t joined any contests.

3. Then the winners are requested to deposit a certain amount usually in the thousands of pesos in the bank supposedly to pay for taxes or VAT or for any wily reasons.

At times cell phone owners are asked to send a prepaid load to a certain 11 digit number as a prerequisite to claim the prize.

4. Other cell phone scam is when somebody will call or send a text message telling you that somebody close to you, like your mother, sister or any of your relative has met an accident and is in need of financial assistance, and then will request you to deposit the money in the bank or send through Western Union and other similar company.

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