Tio Pepe: Cheap but Yummy Fastfood Carenderia

For curiosity’s sake I ate at Tio Pepe, the newest carenderia located at Crossing in EDSA, just at the back of EDSA Central.

The prices are low. The place is clean. The facilities don’t look low-priced. And most importantly, the foods taste sooo gooood.

Obsessive compulsive that I am my thoughts made several reasons why it was so. Probably, the employees are paid with dirt low salaries. Could be the foods were not sanitized well and so on.

So to quiet down my negative suspicion, I used mighty Google to search about Tio Pepe. It led me to an article by the Inquirer ( www.inquirer.net ) .

Surprisingly, Tio Pepe is owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation. It’s an experimental restaurant concept offering affordable priced Filipino foods without neglecting the sanitation, nutrition, food safety and better restaurant conditions.

Look at the pictures for the pricing guideline.
Tio Pepe

This is what i ate, it’s called “Laing” (laa – ing). Looks yucky, but tastes yummy!

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