Tondo Manila Photos

Taking the photos inside my brother’s car. We went to Tondo to go to Jade’s Cargo and Trucking Services to deliver some stuff to Iligan City in Mindanao.

A sari-sari store “protected” by steel bars!

Forgot the name of the street, but this was close to Tutuban Shopping Center

Yes, there are pretty women in Tondo!

Railway track in Tondo.

4 thoughts on “Tondo Manila Photos

  1. Thank you. Tondo is my birthplace, such a beautiful place I just can’t despise!
    So glad I was born in Tondo.

    Tondo is a beautiful place, it’s the place of my genesis, my birthplace!

  2. my name is chris. I am looking for a girl who lives in tondo. I don’t know if she still lives at the same address. 1021 Dagupan St. Tondo. Her name is Spring Dela Rea. I have been looking for her. Can anyone help me pls. my facebook account please contact me there. Thanks

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