Top Livable Cities in Metro Manila

Okay, first off, this is not a thorough survey, simply based on superficial personal observation of mine.

Basically, judging each city’s cleanliness, safety and economics. Some might argue with me, but no city is perfect.

Makati City. Everywhere I go, the roads are concreted. Even in areas which can be considered a slum, is generally clean.

For college graduates, it is a buffet of possible jobs to work for. Even laborers, food servers, and store clerks can find jobs here, there are constant construction of corporate buildings, and new businesses sprouting everywhere.

There are still affordable houses or rooms to rent, just go farther away from the Makati Business Disctrict.

Marikina City. The Ondoy storm that ravaged the part of this city could have changed their image as a livable city. But I would still recommend this city to anyone wanting to live in Metro Manila. Just avoid Providence Village, the place most devastated by the 2009 strongest typhoon.

The mayor here is strict about cleanliness and aesthetics. Although, it does not have a large business center such as Makati’s Ayala and Pasig’s Ortigas Center.

Pasig City. I would recommend this Eusebio managed city for working professionals, but not for families especially with kids.

There had been several shabu colonies that were raided by the police. Including one, just meters away from the City Hall, and reportedly raided three times in three years.

Pasig City belongs to the top five earning cities in the Philippines. I believe the Ortigas Center, the city’s premier business district is one big source of the income.

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