Worst Unionbank Branch in Metro Manila!

Last monday I went to Unionbank in Shaw boulevard Pasig City branch. The branch used to be International Bank or iBank before it was purchased by Unionbank.

I was there to deposit my hard earned money. I handed the deposit slip at 10:10 am. Though there were a number of customers ahead of me, but i was expecting that i could be out in less than 30 minutes. But i was terribly wrong!

I waited, and waited. One hour had passed, my name was not called.

The lady beside me was 40 minutes earlier than me, even her name was not called. She finished her transaction at approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. I finished mine at exactly 2 hours!

12 thoughts on “Worst Unionbank Branch in Metro Manila!

  1. from the comment of Worst Unionbank Branch in Metro Manila!

    I was thinking to go there, inUnionbank Branch in Pasig. I checked on the website of their branches, and it took me to this page and I thank the person who made this comment.

  2. Hi Toxicgirl,

    There are two Unionbank branches along Shaw Boulevard Pasig.

    The slow service are those of iBank branches turned Unionbank . The original Unionbanks are good.

  3. Talaga even yung ibang taga branch sinasabi na yan ang pinaka-worst na branch…. kainis tlaga yan….sakin naman ang nangyari i have to deposit to my account kaso 3:05 na yata ako nakarating then, kinakausap ko ang guard na bka pwed ayaw din….so i have to call yung ibank branch ko, kinausap nila yung worst branch……grabe hindi pa rin pumayag ….pero may mga client pa naman sa loob….ang sakin lang naman…sana pinag-bigyan na’ko tutal client naman nila ako diba…yun lang kc ang pinakamalapit na branch na daaanan ko…..kaya dun sana ako mag-deposit…….sana makarating ‘to sa branch nila mismo…para ayusin ang serbisyo nila….pati ang guard ang pangit mag-salita parang kung sino lang ang kausap niya….”BASTOS!!!!”….bumaba talaga ang pagtingin ko sa sarili ko….First time in my Life na nakatagpo ako ng Ibank Branch, at the same time ng Guard na Bastos….

  4. Hi Ricky! I heard about your story and it took me several minutes to realize that they are really mean and do not deserve customers like you. My brother and a few numbers of friends are also working at unionbank in ortigas but not on that worst branch everybodys talking about, He’s in the unionbank building at unionbank head office.. As soon as i reach my brother i’ll send all of your complaints to him so that they can apply proper actions for that..

  5. 3:05 is five minutes late of closing time and I cannot blame them for not letting you in. Though there are some banks “na nadadaan sa paki-usap” but apparently this one is not one of them. Nonetheless, they should have treated you respectfully with an explanation and denied you entry in a proper manner.

  6. i had the same experience with almost all unionbank branches i’ve been to.
    worst is in insular life building. same slow processing of transactions. they even separated the line for multiple then single. you will wish to have 2 or more transactions so you can just go to their queue. If you have to pay for your visacard, you will have to wait for at least an hour.
    what happened today is the worst case of all.
    the usual long queue. then the teller went away and entertained the other guy who she said is waiting already and was ahead of us all.
    she even reasoned out with irritability that he was ahead of us all when the guy who supposed to be the next complained.
    then we heard screaming at the side (customer service dept), I suppose she is an ex-employee who visited the branch. Some were chatting, still, the long queue is there, nobody is helpful except for the good security guard who is very warm in entertaining and accomodating clients.
    i started to line up around 3pm and finally finished 4pm. 1 hour to be exact. I guess the “DYOWN” teller served 12 clients in an hour.

  7. by the way, i cancelled my credit card with unionbank because of this. we can only pay through their freaking bank branch!

  8. I personally still love Unionbank, but not the “former iBank turned Unionbank.” Unionbank purchased iBank about three years ago. The former iBank branches still retained their VERY SLOW methods of conducting a business.

    Three weeks ago, i went to a Unionbank branch in Tektite. I noticed the usual very slow transaction, i then asked a UB employee if this branch was a former iBank, she replied, “Yes.” I then uttered, “Kaya pala ang bagal ng transaction.”

  9. @ ricky,

    Rollee is right. For most banks, if you come minutes after the closing time, they wouldn’t let you in anymore. Pero, syempre, tatapusin naman nila yung transactions ng clients who happen to be in the branch before the closing time. Mali nga lang naman na binastos ka ng guard. And, sabi mo nga tinanawagan mo pa yung Ibank branch to ask them to talk to the unionbank branch, it would have been better if the branch entertained you na, dahil mukhang urgent yung transaction mo.

    I have an account with Unionbank and may naexperience akong slow branches, pero din naman mga ok ang service. I guess we should just be aware kung nasan yung former Ibank na branches so that we can stay away from them. When in Pasig, I use the UB branch near SSS. Ok naman sila.

  10. Really worst. I got two worst incident at Union bank, Tutuban branch. First, i forgot my account number, sabi ng Manager di daw pedeng i-verify sa database nila kasi baka may same name kaya baka mawala daw ung deposit namin. Ang labo noh, database will show naman your full name and address e, ang bobo talaga. Ang sama pa, ung husband ko is a network engineer, tapos parang ginagawa kaming tanga pagdating sa computer. Second, kanina lang, same branch, where we asked them to verify our checking account like balance inquiry, penalties done kasi naman ng pera ung checking account namin, then we asked for a bank statement, di daw puwede kasi ibang branch daw kami. ano ba? hanggang ngayong ba di pa din centralized ang Union Bank? di ko naman malaman kung bakit nakipag-tied up ang gov’t sa Union Bank where in mas maayos naman ang Landbank kumpara sa Worst Union Bank.

    We’re really upset with this bank…with their teller and the very fat Manager….

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